Cosmos Hellas S.A. (Greek: ΚΟΣΜΟΣ ΕΛΛΑΣ Α.Ε.)

World’s leading yachting companies, specializing in the yacht charter, brokerage, maintenance, management and marina projects.

We set sail for the first time back in 1987 and, thanks to our untiring commitment, have continued to make waves in the industry ever since. Our success is underpinned by seamless communication coupled with first-rate customer service. As well as chartering and selling sailing yachts, we also offer power boats and catamarans – both with and without crew.

What’s more, we are now the market leader in the second hand boat market in Greece. From day one our philosophy has been to provide high quality yachting holidays that promote relaxation, fun and unrivalled sense of freedom, We treat customers as individuals and take time to listen to your requirements, so you can be sure you will get the holiday you want.

Aside from small, medium, and large vessels, there are motor yachts and sailing yachts.“Cosmos yachting doesn’t really offer ‘vacation or tour packages.’ We view individual yacht charters as customized vacations. Once the trip is plotted, we, along with the crew, work with a client to establish an itinerary based on the guests’ preferences.”

What we do?

Cosmos Hellas

Our fleet consist of yachts from various charter companies (inspected to very high standards).

Cosmos Hellas

Over the last 25 years we have hand-picked a number of suppliers based on first –hand experience and test results as well as other tightly monitored quality controls, these companies are now officially recognised as our partners.

Yacht brokerage

We are able to maintain this privileged position by expanding our sales team and constantly optimising our marketing activities.

Cosmos Yacht brokerage

Yacht owners worldwide, as well as those wishing to become owners, trust in our many years of experience and our large client potential. Not only are we able to offer you a large selection of exclusive brokerage sailing and motor yachts.

Yacht management

Every aspect of yachting, purchase, charter, berthing, maintenance, after sales service and sale of used yachts.

Cosmos Yacht management

With the help of our dedicated staff, we manage a fleet of 120 Yachts.
Cosmos Yachting covers every aspect of yachting, purchase, charter,
after sales service and sale of used yachts.